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 DISorder Episode 16

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PostSubject: DISorder Episode 16   Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:51 pm

DISOrder Show Script

Segment 1

Dave Ryan come out and talk about what happened at .com with Kingston and Thunder. He says that Thunder is entitled to a rematch with Kingston, tries to play up that Kingston knowingly cheated to win the match Thunder come out and say that Ryan shouldn't try to play him against Kingston and instead should give him a match with THK Ryan agrees, but not tonight. He says that Thunder will face THK at Day of Reckoning. Ryan announces that since Thunder doesn't wasn't to face Kingston tonight, he can instead team with him to face THK's Knights in the Main Event.

Match 1
Angelo VS Pamich – Written by Tommy Thunder
W/Angelo after Nate Washington interferes

Segment 2

Eden Sky comes out and vents frustration over not being used. She demands a match tonight and says that she is going to win tonight and at Queen of The Ring.

Emily Rose comes out and grants her the match she requested and reveals the 1st round Bracket for the QotR

Eden Sky VS April Snow

Sky freaks and attack Snow after the match

Segment 3

Darius Promo

Match 3
Extremely Lethal VS Carnage - Written by Vegas

Post match Doom attack Graves. The two go back and fourth with Graves coming out on top

Segment 4

TOAK backstage cutting a promo. They talk about wanting to prove that they are the best and earn the respect of everyone, and they will do that at Day of Reckoning

Match 4

N comes out for his match and brags about his wins at He says that it should have been renamed the N appreciation Night. He says that tonight, he faces a loser, a guy that didn't win any awards and wasn't even nominated.

Gates comes out and the two exchange words.

N VS Gates

Post Match: N keeps on the attack until Punk makes the save, but Angelo comes out and the two attack Punk. Angelo goes for Gates but Gates comes back and he and Punk manage to fight off N and Angelo

Segment 5

Akira Tajiri cuts a promo backstage. She gives her thoughts on QotR and facing Juno Mercury for the title. She talks about how all the women in PWR have the chance to make a name for themselves.

Match 5
Tommy Thunder and Usain Kingston VS The Knights

Kingston is laid out before the match by the debuting Oscar Layman

Thunder VS The Knights

Post Match: THK destroys Thunder and reveals he will face Thunder at Day of Reckoning in a Hell in A Cell Match

Main Segment

main event will see Torture in the ring, talking about the Nest and how Hawk wants him to come back to the fold. He says his answer is simple. No. He says at Day of Reckoning he will destroy Hawk and prove that he never needed Hawk or the



The show opens with Dave Ryan standing in the brand new PWR Arena. The crowd is roaring as the theme of Rebellion plays.

Dave Ryan: Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the first PWR show of 2016! This is DISorder!!

The crowd is roaring as Ryan stands smiling.

Ryan: Yes! Let's hear it for PWR! Now, down to business. At the end of the year show, Tommy Thunder was set to Main Event with... Usain Kingston..

The crowd cheers Kingston's name.

Ryan: Now, Kingston not only didn't deserve to be in this match, he knowingly cheated to win his match!

The cheers turn to boos and Ryan nods his head.

Ryan: You can boo me all you want, but it is the truth! Kingston knew that The Hardcore King and his Knights attacked Tommy and then used the advantage to win his match! So, with this information, Tommy you are deserving of a rematch, a proper match that I know you will win. So, Tommy, what do you say? Will you take the match and do us all a favor by destroying Usain Kingston?


Tommy Thunder emerges at the top of the ramp. He has a mic in hand and after stopping for a short while to absorb the crowd's cheering, he starts walking down and begins to address Dave Ryan

Thunder: Davey boy, we haven't had much interaction since I've come here to PWR, in fact, I think this is will be the first time we've been in this ring together and had a nice little chat.

Thunder reaches the bottom of the ramp and ascends the steps before stepping between the ropes and into the ring.

Thunder: Now, I'm not going to mince any words here because the situation is pretty damn clear to me. Yeah, at the end of year awards show I was in a match against Usain Kingston, and yes, I once again recorded a loss.

the crowd boo

Thunder: I know, it's not how I wanted to end the year either but that's how it happened, and I think we all saw how exactly it happened. I was once again blindsided and attacked by The Hardcore King and his Knights. They came down to this ring and they beat me down when I was in the middle of my match, while I was in the middle of securing a win and they cost me that win.

the crowd boo

Thunder: Now, I know why you're trying to spin things your way, Davey boy, saying that Kingston organised that attack or knew about it or whatever, because I know that you have a thorn in your side, a pest in your life that you can't seem to get rid of, a scratch that you can't itch, a problem that just won't go away, and that's Usain Kingston.

The crowd pop big and start up a "USAINIACS!" chant as Ryan scowls at them

Dave Ryan: SHUT UP!

the crowd boo

Thunder: Lots of Usainiacs in the arena tonight it seems. But let me get to my point, Dave. While I would like nothing more than to have a match out here tonight with Usain Kingston and right the wrong that happened at the awards show, because I don't need you to tell me, Dave, that I would win that match. I don't need you to stroke my ego and tell me how good I am because I know that I'm the best in the world at what I do. I know what you're doing, you're trying to goad me into doing your dirty work, you're trying to get me to do your own dirty laundry, but that's not going to happen. Because like I said, as much as I'd like to have a match against Usain Kingston here tonight and beat him, I want you to give me what I really want. Because it seems that we have a common problem, Dave, in that I too have a thorn in my side recently, the pest I can't get rid of, the scratch I can't itch. So tonight you're going to give me what I want by giving me a match against The Hardcore King!

the crowd cheer loudly

Dave Ryan: Oh Tommy.. Tommy Tommy Tommy. You're right. Me and you, well we have never been in the ring together, so you don't know that I am not someone you should stand against, ask Andre Lamar what happens when things don't go my way.

the crowd boo Lamar's name and Ryan smirks as he paces around the ring

Dave Ryan: You say you want a match with The Hardcore King? Fine, you can have it! But.. Not tonight, no that match is definitely Pay-Per-View quality. Tonight, you will be in action against The Knights, and your partner will be the man who cheated to beat you at the End of The Year Awards Show, Usain Kingston. Let's just see how you two co-exist.

Ryan laughs as his music plays. He exits the ring leaving Thunder alone as we head to commercial.


Olivia Curtis: This next match is a non-title match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied by Amanda Flynn, from Italy, 'The Emperor', Antonyo Angelo!

Angelo steps out confidently with Flynn on his arm. They look pleased at each other and smile before continuing down the ramp, with Angelo shooing away the crowds jeers with his hand, not interested in what they are chanting and shouting at him

Nikky Foster: Here comes the man who dares call himself a self-proclaimed Emperor. Who does Angelo think he is? He's strutting down here all confident and he doesn't seem to have any care int he world that most of the arena doesn't like him!

James Pope: Angelo doesn't care about what an arena full of Americans thinks of him, he hates Americans! Besides, I'm more interested in Amanda Flynn right now, so let's just keep an eye on her.

Foster: Pope!

Pope: I meant in regards to what she brings to this match! Her presence will no doubt be a factor here.


Curtis: And his opponent, from Trebinje, Herzegovina, weighing in at 251 pounds, he is the PWR Breakout Champion, 'The Herzegovina Horror', Israel Pamich!

Foster: and here comes his opponent for this evening, our very own Breakout Champion!

Pope: He's lucky he's made it this far with that title still intact, but I'm sure someone like Angelo would like to get his name thrown in the mix for a shot at that title, and a win here against the champ would do just that! Can you think of anything more fitting than 'The Emperor' holding a title here in PWR?

Foster: An Emperor who hates Americans remember... But Angelo's been proving himself week after week as champion, and he looks ready to do that again tonight. So let's get to.....


Foster: What the.... Well that's the music of The Empire, and here comes Nate Washington flanked by TJ Bell and Clay Law!

Washington struts out with his cane. The trio pause at the top of the ramp as Washington puts one hand on his hip and points at the ring with his cane while consulting with TJ Bell. All three then walk down as Clay motions behind him as if telling people to come out. We then see three backstage hands come out, each carrying a brass post each, complete with thick red rope joining each one. The trio walk around the ring and go beside the commentary position where Clay points and barks something at the backstage hands. The backstage hands set up the brass posts and extend the rope so that a corner is cordoned off by the commentary position. Bell then tells Clay to get something and Clay grabs a steel chair before he walks over to the commentary table and yells at Pope to "MOVE YO ASS!"

Pope: Ok ok!

Pope gets up as Clay drags out the commentary chair. He replaces it with the steel one and tells Pope to "Sit!"

Pope: Yes, Yes! Take it! I'll just use this!

Clay takes the chair and places it inside the red rope, he then goes to unhook one of the ropes and motions for Washington to go inside. Washington and Bell do so as Washington sits in the chair and Bell stands by his side. Clay then places the rope back on the post and stands to one side, arms folded

Foster: Well that was interesting, Nate Washington has just created his own VIP section for him and his empire right here beside us! You didn't seem too bothered about giving them your chair, did you?

Pope: I'm fine with this steel chair here. You do know that this is what they used back in the day, right?

Foster: Right... Well it seems that Nate Washington has some investment in what's going on in this match, you have to assume that it has something to do with the Breakout Championship.

Pope: Well that's the one thing that's been missing from The Empire; gold. And I think that title would look mighty fine around the waist of Nate Washington there!

Foster: You sure you're not just saying that because Clay Law is standing a couple of feet away from you? But in any case, it's time for us to get this match under way!

Finish: It's been an excellent match of technical prowess with both men going toe to toe. Amanda Flynn has tried to distract Pamich a few times, and while Angelo has gained the advantage a few times as a result, Pamich has found a way to turn the tide back each time. We rejoin the action with Pamich having hit a running body slam and gone for the cover, but Flynn is once again up the apron to distract the referee. Pamich gets up to see why the referee isn't counting and is telling the referee that he should eject Flynn. The referee agrees as he's had enough and he sends Flynn to the back. Pamich is leaning on the ropes shouting at Flynn to get to the back as she protests, and as he turns back to the middle of the ring where Angelo swings at him, but Pamich ducks and runs the ropes on the other side. However, Angelo is ready for him and he scoops him up before tossing him with a fallaway slam which sends Pamich under the bottom rope and out of the ring in front of the commentary position. Angelo instead of following is arguing with the referee about the ejection of Flynn, and we see Nate Washington looking on from his VIP section. He looks at Clay Law and nods at him. This prompts Clay to hit a running senton onto Pamich on the floor, before picking him up and driving him into the steel post. clay then picks him up and tosses him back inot the ring under the bottom rope. Angelo turns his attention quickly away from the referee with a smile on his face as he sees Pamich back in the ring and incapacitated. He then eggs him to get up. Pamich does so groggily and when he does Angelo lifts him and hits him with the Ceasars Slam (Angle Slam).

Ref: 1!..... 2!..... 3! RING THE BELL!

Curtis: Here is your winner, 'The Emperor', Antonyo Angelo

Foster: What a cheap win for Angelo, how many assists did he need?! From Flynn and then from Clay Law on orders from Nate Washington!

Pope: You have to be ready for anything when you're the champ Nikky, and unfortunately he just didn't have that extra edge today to overcome what was in front of him.

Foster: There was no need for Washington to have Clay get involved!

Pope: Pamich was getting too close to the VIP section! You can't do that! Only the privileged and entitled people are allowed in the VIP section, and Pamich is virtually the opposite of that!

Foster: Pamich has scratched and clawed his way through life and he's worked hard for what he has achieve here in PWR and people like Nate Washington think they can just take that away from him, just because they're better off? Makes me sick!

Angelo celebrates in the ring as Nate Washington looks on with a satisfied look on his face. He motions to TJ Bell to do something and Bell quickly approaches the timekeeper area and demands Pamich's Breakout title, he then hands it to Washington, who's still sitting in his seat. He looks at it with one hand rubbing his chin, and with a smile on his face we hear him saying "I'll see you VERY soon...". He then stands up and motions for Clay Law to unhook the rope for him to leave the VIP section. All three men walk round the ring and up the ramp looking back at Pamich in the ring with a satisfied look on their face. Washington motions at the ring with his cane and says "You're going down champ, that title belongs to The Empire!".

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PostSubject: Re: DISorder Episode 16   Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:05 pm

The camera pans around the crowd who looks eager with anticipation till suddenly Eden Sky’s theme begins to play and the crowd goes with a mixed amount of cheers and boos. The sultry vixen makes her way to the stage in a pink sequin dress performing her signature taunt as the fans start chanting her name. Eden blows a kiss at the fans as she walks down the ramp. She enters the ring slowly wiggling her ass a big teasingly and grins before posing inside the ring. Eden’s theme stops and the referee hands her the sparkly pink mic she’s made famous. The glamorous one stops her grinning and puts on a serious face looking at the fans for moment before closing the mic to her lips.

Eden: You know a few months ago when I signed my contract to make my return to the ring and make my PRW debut I was promised fame and fortune. Not that I need them of course, I am a Hollywood starlet and could easily wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills if I wanted to, but that’s not the point. You see when I signed that contract I had certain expectations of what my time in PRW would be like and I’m sad to say I am deeply disappointed.

The fans start chanting “bullshit” and Eden nods in agreement.

Eden: I was supposed to be champion by now and why shouldn’t I be? I have it all, the brains, the skills, the beauty… having me as champion would be the best thing that ever happened to PRW, but instead the PRW management has barely made use of all the wonderful qualities I bring to their company.

The fans continue chanting “bullshit” and Eden nods once more looking even angrier now.


The fans cheer in agreement.

Eden: You see I’m not going to be like all those fake ass little bitches in the back going around kissing management’s ass to get the spots they want, oh no! I’m brilliant and I’m pissed off and that’s a very dangerous combination.

Eden grins proudly as the fans cheer.

Eden: Turns out I don’t have to do any ass kissing at all because as I’ve pointed out several times now I signed a contract and the words on that contract aren’t just promises they pinky swore to uphold, these words are legally binding agreements that clearly state I’m entitled certain things and among them there’s a guaranteed spot into the Queen of the Ring tournament.

The fans cheer and chant “holy shit” as Eden grins proudly.

Eden: That’s right, PRW management is now legally obligated to give me a spot in the tournament and I don’t have to explain what will happen if there’s a breach of contract do I?

The fans continue cheering and chanting.

Eden: And while I’m at it I’m feeling lucky tonight so I demand to be put in a match tonight. I don’t care which of those skanks you want to book me against because I already know I’m better than anyone else on the roster and I will prove it tonight. Now hit my music!

Eden’s theme begins to play and the fans are crazy with cheers. Eden grins smugly as the camera zooms into her face before cutting to a shot of Emily Rose making her way out, she is all smiles as she stops on the ramp

Emily Rose: Eden, we can't really apologize for how things have gone. You deserve better, however you do not have to come out here and talk about how PWR is legally obligated to put you in the Queen of The Ring, as I stated already, every woman in PWR is eligible. Now I can understand you being upset and annoyed with not being used as much and if you can put on a good showing, you might just get your wish at a Title Match in the future.

Emily look on at Eden who doesn't seem pleased with Emily's tone of voice.

Emily: Now, before this continues, let me first reveal the first round bracket for the Queen of The Ring tournament.

The titantron comes on show what the matches will be

Emma Sage Gates VS Te'Yanna

Lilith VS Sasha

Eden Sky VS April Snow

Rain VS Skyler Knox

Emily Rose: Now, those first 4 matches will set up what will be an explosive night to say the least. Eden, you said you wanted a match tonight, correct? Well how about we have a Queen of The Ring Preview and you face your first round opponent, April Snow next! So stay in that ring, because after the break you are in action!

The crowd cheers as Eden stands in the ring as we head to commercial.

We come back from commercial and see Eden Sky standing in the ring awaiting April Snow. Emily Rose has gone backstage following her announcement of the Queen of The Ring matches.

Foster: Welcome back to PWR! We are still talking about the first round matches for Queen of The Ring! Tonight we get a preview as Eden faces April Snow!

Pope: This will be a good test for Sky who really hasn't seen much ring time, if any, since debuting in PWR. Which, quite honestly, is a crying shame!


Olivia Curtis: The following contest is set for one fall! Already in the ring, from Los Angelos, California she is The Glamorous One, Eden Sky!

The crowd is mixed on the reaction of Sky, but there are some cheers heard.

Curtis: And her opponent, weighing in at 130lbs, she is April Snow!

The crowd is again mixed with Snow, but only because they aren't very familiar with her.

Foster: Here we see two women who haven't exactly had a chance in PWR, and that is what Queen of The Ring is all about! Finding the next break out woman in PWR, the next Akira or Juno. Could it be one of these two?

Pope: I could see Eden winning the whole thing, and that starts tonight!

Match so Far: Eden and April have put on a great and surprising match. The crowd is invested in both women. Sky has control as we go to the finish.

Finish: Sky delivers a quick Suplex to Snow and goes for the cover, but Snow kicks out before a 2 count is made. Sky gets to her feet and waits for Snow to get up. The crowd is silent as they wait to see what is next. April starts to come to and Eden wastes no time at all as she delivers a huge Spinning Back Kick that catches Snow across the face causing her to flip over and crash the the mat. A hug holy shit chant breaks out as Eden goes for the cover



Kickout!!! Snow kicks out and Eden and the crowd can't believe it. Eden yells at the ref demanding that it was a three. The ref says it was 2 and motions that Snow was able to get her shoulder up. Eden can't believe it as she walks over and grabs Snow, but Snow counters and rolls up Eden



Olivia Curtis: Here is your winner, April Snow!!!

Pope: What the hell just happened? How did this happen!?

Foster: What a huge upset victory, the crowd can't believe it! April can't believe it, neither can Eden!! Will this happen at Queen of The Ring?? That came from no where and hey! What the hell!?

Eden attacks April from behind, driving April into the corner. She bounces out and eats a big dropkick that again sends her into the corner. Eden continues to kick Snow in the corner and the corwd has completely turned on her, booing her massively. Eden doesn't seemed to phased by it all as she grabs Snow and pulls her out of the Corner and nails her with Welcome to Paradise(Sitout Facebuster). Eden looks down at April and exits the ring looking back at Snow with disgust.

Foster: Talk about a poor sport! She lost the match and couldn't take it so she attacked April Snow! That was low, really low.

Pope: Low? She wad mad and she let out some aggression. This is Pro Wrestling, fighting is what they do and if Snow can't be prepared for stuff like that than she really has no business being in that ring.

Foster: I disagree! But enough of that.. Up next we will hear from Darius, who will explain why he attacked and took out Kyojin!

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PostSubject: Re: DISorder Episode 16   Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:05 pm

The cameras cut to backstage area and focuses in on Darius, who is pacing back and forth until he notices the camera getting closer. A smug grin forms on his face, followed by a faint chuckle.

Darius: Everyone keeps bringing it up ... Everyone keeps asking ...

"Why, Darius? Why!? Why would you hurt Kyojin?!"

Darius pauses for a bit and then cracks his knuckles.

"Are you afraid of him? Are you afraid of the consequences? Why did you do it, Darius!?"

Darius then punches the wall, busting his knuckles open. He then drags his fist down the concrete wall, leaving a streak of blood behind it.

Darius: I'm tired of the questions ... The interrogations. I did what I did because I can. I put Kyojin on the shelf, right where he belongs, because I fucking can. No one was taking me seriously anymore because of my two losses against Kyojin.

Those two losses don't mean a damn thing and do you know why? Because in a sanctioned match, there are rules and those rules hold me back. If I didn't have rules holding me back, I would be on top and there is a very good reason for that ...

Because I can take out someone whenever I want to. I have always been able to do just that, so I reminded everyone that I was the same demon I have always been. I didn't just put Kyojin out of action ...

Darius smiles wide as he runs his fingers through the blood on the wall, and then starts to spell 'Kyojin' on the wall.

I fucking destroyed him.

Darius then puts an X through Kyojin's name.

Darius: This ... This is only the beginning, my friends. Kyojin has been a thorn in my side for far too long. Now that the thorn is gone, I can move onto bigger ...

Darius writes "Mr." on the wall with blood ...

Darius: Better ...

Darius starts to write "Tor", but then a hand reaches into frame and pats Darius's shoulder. Darius turns around and sees a member of the PWR production team standing with a letter in their hand, extended out to Darius. Darius takes the letter, opens it, and starts to read it.

Darius: ....

Darius's once confidence face turns to confusion and worry. He then looks up;

Darius: Where did you ...

Before he can find out who sent the letter, the production member had already scurried off. Darius then snarls, crumples up the letter and tosses it off to the side as he heads out of frame.

Foster: Well.. That was interesting.. You have to wonder what Darius received that made him all nervous?

Pope: I don't think he was nervous, I think he was mad. Yeah mad.. Anyways, what match is next?

Foster: The Tag champs are in action next against Cranage! This should be an exciting match for sure.


Olivia Curtis: The following contest is a Tag Team Match! Introducing first, accompanied by Freya Rayne, the team of Ano Doom and Graves, they are Carnage!!

Foster: You know, these two haven't seen action in a while, and the rumors that Doom and Graves aren't able to coexist have not died down.

Pope: It's all talk! Look, Carnage are out here and they look ready to bulldoze their opponents tonight!


Curtis: And their opponents, they are the PWR Tag Team Champions, Carbon and Venomous, Extremely Lethal!

Pope: Well, the Tag Champs better be ready for destruction! Carnage are going to destroy them! They will be lucky if they can even make it to Day of Reckoning to face Two of A Kind!

Foster: I think you are underestimating the Champs. They have beaten Carnage before, whose to say they won't do it again?

The Match so Far: Carbon has been cut off from Venomous. Graves and Doom have been on the same page so far and Carbon has suffered because of it.

Finish: Graves sends Carbon into the corner and nails him with a huge splash before tagging in Doom. Graves whips Carbon into Doom who nails a sickening Big Boot. Doom drags Carbon to the corner and lifts him up. He tags in Grave and the two double team Carbon. The big man tries to fight out but Doom whips Graves into the corner.

Graves grabs Carbon and goes for his Straight Jacket Strangle, but Carbon overpowers him and lifts him up and sends him to the canvas. Both men are on the ground and are making their way to the corner. Graves gets to his feet first as Carbon gets up. He runs for the Spear, but Carbon sidesteps and Graves flies through the second rope on to the outside.

Foster: Carbon avoided a huge move! Graves just crashed on to the ground and that might be the opening Carbon needs. The big man needs to make a tag to Venomous!

Pope: No! Graves needs to get to his feet and get Doom back in the ring! They are so close to knocking off the Tag Champs!!

Graves gets up and starts to head towards the ring, but Carbon is quick to tag in Venomous, who delivers a sick kick to Graves head as he was trying to enter the ring. Venomous drops to the outside and goes to for Graves, but gets distracted as he sees Doom go after Carbon. He enters the ring and tries to help his partner, delivering a dropkick to Doom. Doom stumbles back a bit, but doesn't fall back. Venomous tries again for a Dropkick, but Doom no sells the move and simply laughs it off, until he is hit with a boot from Carbon. Doom drops over the rope.

The ref yells for Carbon to get out of the ring. As Graves gets back in. Venomous and Carbon go at it, and it seems like Venomous has the upperhand when he delivers a big Snap Suplex. Venomous signals over to Carbon, who nods. He lifts Graves up and sends him into their corner. He charges the corner but Graves drills Carbon with an elbow and then delievers a Spear to Venomous! The crowd is booing Graves as he walks over to his corner and gets ready to hit his finish on Venomous.

Doom tags himself in and enters the ring. He and Graves stare one another down as Doom motions for Graves to exit the ring. Doom goes for Kick of The Ancient Curse (Orton Punt), but Venomous rolls out of the way and gets to his feet and delivers Snake Attack (Corkscrew Neckbreaker)! He tags in Carbon who gets Doom up on his shoulders. Graves watches from the outside as Carbon and Venomous connect with their tag finish Letal Injection! Doom continues to look on as Carbon covers Doom




Olivia Curtis: Here are your winners, Extremely Lethal!!

Foster: Well, Extremely Lethal picks up the win after what looked like a miscommunication from Graves and Doom.

Pope: Miscommunication? No, Doom knew what he wanted and if Graves had gotten out of the way faster then Carnage would have picked up the win!

Graves and Freya enter the ring as Freya helps Doom get to his feet. The two men stare one another down. Graves walks away bumping Doom's shoulder on the way out of the ring. Doom grabs Graves and pulls him in and lifts him up and goes for his Cold-Blooded
Murder move, but Graves drills Doom with several knees and manages to fight out.

Graves shoves Doom into the corner and connects with his Death From the Grave (Cesaro Uppercut). Doom bounces back and Graves connect again, and again. Delivering the move almost 10 times before Freya gets in the way.

Graves stares Freya down and looks on at Doom who is laying lifeless in the corner. Freya says something that we are not able to hear and Graves walks out of the ring as the crowd cheers him on. Freya looks at Doom and then back at Graves. She seem conflicted as we head to commercial.

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PostSubject: Re: DISorder Episode 16   Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:05 pm

We return from commercial and are backstage where we see Two of A Kind

Conrad: Before we start talking about our opponents for the Tag Team Titles in Extremely Lethal I just want to offer my sincerest congratulations to Carbon and Venomous on claiming the Tag Team of the year award

Wonder: I won't lie and say we were not disappointed that we did not win but we could not have lost to a more deserving team especially the only PWR Tag Team Champions.

Conrad: Man I remember the feeling of winning a companies inaugural tag team title remember Kid when we brought our own titles into AWF and never lost them?

Wonder: Yeah that was some fun to be had right there or when we won the EWA tag team titles on a show where we were hated but could not be held back the feeling of being the first ever tag team champions of a company is one that is seldom surpassed and Extremely Lethal you have the prestige and honour of having said fact and I hope you cherish it because that is a feeling you will never forget.

Conrad: Carbon, Venomous there is however one feeling you will need to get used to and that is losing those tag team titles because you were nothing short of spectacular at Scars and Stripes and you do deserve those titles and to be Tag Team of the Year but unfortunately for you however you are the tag team of the year in 2015 and this is 2016 and in 2016 you will introduced to the TOAK age when for the seventh time we will become World Tag Team champions and be the lead act for this tag team division

Wonder: Carbon you and your partner Venomous love to teach the tag team division lessons in tag team chemistry and yeah you have shown us a lesson or two in the past but what you need to know about us is WE are the guys that run this division and for everything you have taught us there is so much more we are yet to teach you.

Conrad: Indeed you see Extremely Lethal even Teachers need to further there education if they are to stay on top of their field and even though you guys are the specialist of Tag Team wrestling at this very moment you have failed to humble yourselves to further learning so allow us to be the teachers in this class and to show you that no matter how much you think you know, there is so much that you do not know Extremely Lethal be ready to open your minds and be accepting of a new way of teaching because when you see us walk down the ramp as The New PWR World Tag Team Champions you are going to be asking yourselves a whole lot of questions and until you can humble yourselves to be students once again you will never seek the answers you shall need to find.

Wonder: Welcome to the Academy of TOAK boys.... School is about to be in session


Olivia Curtis : The following match is set for one fall. Introducing first from the United States Of America. The Greatest Of All Time Nolan "N" Swisher

IC as N: If it was at All possible for You People to Multi-Task how I can , I would continue to play my wonderful theme and speak to you all at the same damn time. But since I can't , here I address the Hometown crowd. By the way , I refuse to utter the name of this town due to the below average standards you live by. * puts his head down and shakes his head in pity for them *

with that said , I now say this. Let's get down to the Nitty Gritty lol. Hope you had a Happy New Year and Enjoyed the holidays the whole year thru the end of '15 because at The End of The Years Awards show I clearly showed you All why I'm so great and back every single DAMN WORD I've said my entire tenure in PWR. Truth.

Hell I Ntertain so well that show should've been N appreciation night

* Booooooo*

Honesty at its Best I swear to you if that was 2015 in which I won Talker of the year , no figure this mic is white hot with me holding it right now. I won Breakout Superstar of the year for reasons that stand alone , clear cut tunnel vision i've been the outright best and without hardly an argument . I have Outshined even the PWR Champ in the PWR Ring!

And one more win , can't forget that feeling you get the moment you get it and that was the PWR Moment of the Year . If that was then ,imagine Now. 2016 will be mines! My Year and only mines because if you plan on being at the top of this company ,you planned wrong. And to think I will lend or share the spotlight then you must've thought very foolishly and got more than a few thing's coming .

This goes to the entire landscape out back , take a good look and get inspired to do something else because there will be no surpassing me.

Which brings me to tonight . Tonight I face an opponent like no other loser I've seen. Not only is he the special kind of loser you never feel sorry for, but is the loser you laugh at and participate in slapping around. Not only did this Guy NOT Win any award , but the guy didn't even get Nominated for one. The only thing unique about him is what I saw on the Time Sheet , and this vanilla midget spells his name Alex with an I and 2 X's for the life of me , I will never understand why.

Whatever I'm pretty sure growing up had to be harsh "Alixx" Gates. Either way Today you get lucky and get to grace the stage and face a Great. ..wait, correction . The Greatest, of ALL TIME. *Looks at the crowd and goes to say more, then Alixx Gates music distracts him as he looks on to the stage

* he looks Gates way*


The new theme plays as Alixx Gates makes his way out to the ring. He stops short and walks around the ring motioning for a mic

Alixx: N.. I have a serious question for you; do you ever shut the hell up? I mean, I know you think your voice is entertaining, but in all honestly it is the most annoying sound in PWR.

The crowd laughs as Alixx continues talking.

Alixx: Look, I will be the first to admit, in that ring you are one talented individual, but your ego is so big that I find it hard to believe that anyone can actually get in the ring with you and not be suffocated. Now you want to go on about me being a loser and all that, but you know what, tonight this loser who spells his name with an i and two x's is going to kick your ass.

The crowd chants for Alixx as he enters the ring.

Alixx: N, you get to taste defeat tonight, courtesy of me, Alixx Gates when I ram my knee down your big fucking mouth!

Pope: N took home almost all of the awards. They should of changed it to the N appreciation show.  The truth is Alixx is jealous, jealous he is not half the man N is.

Foster: N is accomplished I will give him that but don't forget, Gates holds some nice wins here. He is not one to be taken lightly, if N isn't careful and doesn't take him seriously. Alixx could walk out the winner. I am sure that you don't want to see happen.

Pope: You're right, but you're wrong N will not lose tonight and it's only a matter of time until N is our PWR World Champion.

Match 4: Alixx Gates vs N

Finish: Gates and N have gone back and forth with each having the upper hand on each other. N however has been using every advantage he can even to go as far as raking the eyes when the official isn't looking. Gates seems to be throwing all hes got at N.

Foster: Seems to me that N tonight is going to do whatever it takes to walk out the winner tonight. Alixx looks like hes bring his A+ game.

Pope: His A+ game? Alixx's A+ game couldn't even beat N on his worst day. Why don't you mention how good N is looking in the ring ?

Foster: You are right , N has looked like he's on a mission tonight... You got to wonder though do Alixx words get under N skin?

Pope: Alixx Gates get under N skin don't be naive. N is on a whole different level compared to where Gates is or ever will be.

Foster: Don't you think your not giving enough credit to Gates. I mean its not like Gates is a nobody partner but lets get back to the match.

N has Gates tied up in the corner hitting him with shots left and right arrogantly yelling at Gates. N goes for another strike and Gates reverses it hitting left and rights of his own before throwing him into the ropes and nailing N with a perfect dropkick before going for cover but he only gets a two.

Gates tries to pick up N who counters with a small package but only gets a two count. N tosses Gates on the turnbuckle and goes for a top rope superplex. However Gates falls back and lands on his feet as the crowd cheers in awe. Alixx Gates then attempts to go for a back suplex but it is countered by N who lands on his feet this time. N then picks up Alixx for a powerbomb only to have Gates counter it with a facebuster. Gates then pumps up the crowd yelling for them to get on their feet.

Foster: Move after move have been countered . These two are really trying to prove who is the better man tonight. Gates has the PWR universe behind him. He could be on his way to the biggest win of his career.

Pope:  Come on N you know Gates is a boy in your mans world.

Gates tosses N into the turnbuckle and hits the Helluva Kick almost shattering the jaw of N.

Foster: The Helluva Kick wow that looked painful.

Pope: N might have lost that million dollar smile. His jaw might be in two.

Gates goes for the cover 1... 2...

Foster: No N gets his shoulder up! I dont think N thought he get that big a fight from Alixx tonight. Alixx has looked great in this match.

N is back on his feet and the two of them trade shots as the crowd cheers for Gates and boos N. Gates seems to have the upper hand when he misses a punch. N then kicks Gates in the gut and hits a suplex. He goes for cover only gets a 1.

N plays to the crowd as he works the arm of Gates who is yelling in pain. The offical goes over to Gates asking him if he wants to give up. Alixx refuses as he gets to both his feet. Alixx hits a arm drag throwing N across the ring and both men stare at each other. The lock up again with Gates having the upper hand N then pushes Alixx into ropes sending him off the ropes Alixx however slides under N .

Gates then goes for A Hero Loses Everyday ( Zig Zag) but, N fights it off grabbing Gates and sending him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. He then kicks Gates in the gut before hitting the PAIDigree he goes for the cover and 1,2,3 this one is over.

Olivia Curtis: Here is your winner... N.

The match is finished and N has won, but instead of celebrating N goes back to attacking Alixx, stomping him repeatedly, driving his boot into the midsection of Gates.

Foster: What the hell is the point to this?

Pope: Maybe N wants to show Alixx what happens when you face someone far above you. Or maybe, N is pissed that a guy like Gates would disrespect him during his celebration? Who knows.

N grabs Gates and lifts him up and delivers yet another PAIDigree. The crowd is booing loudly and N just soaks it in as he walks over to the corner. He looks around and laughs before climbing up top.

Foster: Oh this isn't good. He most be looking to hit Alixx with his World Class Payoff! Where is security to break this up?

Pope: Probably paid off? N bribed them to stay out of it

N is at the top and looking down at Gates when


Foster: It's Punk!! KJ Punk is here!!

Pope: What the hell is he doing out here??

Punk runs down to the ring and quickly goes after N. The two begin trading blows, but Punk gets the upper-hand, right after right and right to N as he tries to get out. Punk won't allow it as he grabs N and delivers a AA Spinebuster!

Punk lets up for a moment as he goes and checks on Alixx, but is struck from behind!

Foster: Antonyo Angelo??

Pope: Help has arrived!

Angelo grabs Punk and connects with a Belly-to-Back Suplex! He then goes to Alixx and starts stomping on him, yelling at him in Italian. He lifts up Gates and goes for his Caesars Slam, but Punk breaks it up. Gates falls to the ground and rolls to the outside while Antonyo turns his attention to Punk.

At this point N is now back to his feet and Angelo reluctantly accepts helps from him as the two begin to attack Punk. Backing him into a corner the two trade stomps and chops as Punk tries to cover up, but to no avail.

The crowd is booing loudly to which Angelo yells for them to shut up. Angelo tells N to put Punk on the top rope. N stops and looks at him, an annoyed look sprawls on his face. The two stare each other down, but it is broken when Angelo is hit in the back with a chair! N turns to see Gates hold a chair and going after him next. He ducks it and turns right around into a Rolling Elbow from Punk!! Angelo gets to his feet and gets hit with Southern Constellations (Boma Ye)!

Punk and Gates stand tall in the ring as N and Angelo are laid out in the ring as we head to commercial

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The camera focus heads backstage where the Pro Wrestling Rebellions, Slammy award winning and current reigning Women's Champion is shown backstage. She is sitting with her back towards the camera, legs folded and her arms resting on her knees, her back straight as her long jet black hair hangs down her back. To the side of her are lit candles as her Women's Championship is laid out in front. Akira is clearly in a Zen state, getting her mind right for the upcoming Queen of the Ring PPV special on the horizon.

After a few moments of complete and utter silence, Akira raises her right hand from her lap and draws it too her face, pulling down her pale White Kabuto mask before kneeling and bowing down to her ancestry family photo that was hanging on the wall. Akira then stood up and turned around where she was greeted by the man with the mic- Gavin Williams who was standing by, looking to grab an exclusive interview with the Women's Champion.

Gavin Williams: Akira?! Akira, a moment of your time, please?!

Akira nods and turns towards the camera, a small cheer is heard as Gavin proceeds with his questions.

Williams: Akira, We have watched on with intrigue and just got a glimpse into the prepartion and mental state that you go into before every big match.. How are you feeling going into the Women's Championship match with your rival, Juno Mercury?

Akira: Gavin, I feel good, I feel ready. This is what I've always wanted to do.. I have overcome so, so many hurdles in my life and turned the impossible into the possible. Two years ago, I was a rookie with a dream.. Now I stand here on a stage like Pro Wrestling Rebellion as the Female of the Year and reigning, defending Women's Champion. I'm tasked with being the leading face and force behind this division and it's truly a blessing.. I'm loving it. That's why in this business, any chance I can take to think about my achievements and reflect, I take.. Any chance I can speak and thank my fans for all there love and support, I take. Come this Special.. Me and Juno, we go to war once more, only this time, the world will be watching with us headlining the show. I'm excited, Gavin... But I'm ready, I was born to do this and come Queen of the Ring, I will prove it by defending my PWR Women's Championship and beating Juno Mercury once more!

Williams: I really can't wait too see you both compete again- fans, it's a show you are not going to want to miss, that's for sure! Akira, if I could just pose a question too you.. What's your response to Juno and her fans that you only beat her at Retaliation because of your use of the Red mist? Are we likely too see that again?

Akira: Gavin, the Red mist is apart of me.. It's my heritage, it's where I'm from and it's part of who I have become! Juno has seem to forgotten that she questioned if I would do what ever it took to win.. Then I win and now she's saying that I cheated. It's laughable really, only, I'm not laughing and neither is anyone else. Our rivalry, it's become more then a feud.. Juno has tried to take everything away from me and despite my respect for her- she has shown none too me and continues to try and become the dark cloud hovering above my light. Every chance, attacking me.. slating me, saying how she's going to beat me. Gavin, the first match was about doing what I needed to do.. This rematch? I'm going to do things just because I can. I'm from Japan, where we hit hard and strong and believe me Gavin.. Juno is going to get up close and personal with the art of puroresu wrestling!

The crowd pop as they can really feel Akira's words, clearly the rivalry has reached boiling point. Gavin then proceeds with final question.
Williams: Oh boy, that match is going to be special, I can't wait! Akira, final question and I thank you for your time once again. Queen of the Ring, who does the Champ see as the potential air to the throne and how does she feel about the, anytime, anywhere rule that the Queen of the Ring can bestow when she so chooses?

Akira: The rule is unique, Gavin. It's exciting too me, but it poses a huge threat. It means that after a match, when I'm at my most tired- The Queen of the Ring could strike! I'll have to be on my guard and I will be. You see the Queen of the Ring will have an advantage but she must know.. I'll be waiting.. I'll be watching, for I am the eyes that are always watching!

As for who could win? It's a good question and it's a hard call, Gavin. This division is full of talented, beautiful, strong women who have passion and a drive to become the best- that's what makes me so proud to stand here and represent this division- knowing that so many Women are striving to take it away from me. You have experience like Te'Yanna or Apil Snow. Power and strength like Lilleth, speed and agility like Emma Gates and many more including Eden Sky who's a women that seems to have it all. It's going to be a special show and I can't wait, Gavin. Now, if you excuse me, I must go, thank you!

Akira then bows to Gavin and the camera before leaving as the camera heads back to ringside.

Foster: Well, Akira seems ready for her match with Juno at Queen of The Ring. She also seems excited about the prospect of a new challenger for the PWR Woman's Championship!

Pope: She does indeed seem ready, the question is who will win her match with Juno?

Foster: I don't know, but we will see. Now though, our Main Event! Tommy Thunder and Usain Kingston VS The Knights!!


Olivia Curtis: The following Tag Team Match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing in at 227lbs, he is The Storm, Tommy Thunder!

Tommy comes out to a huge ovation from the crowd. He looks ready for his match, if not annoyed that isn't with The Hardcore King. He makes his way to the ring and stands in the corner, doing his gestures which gets the crowd going.

Foster: If there is one person in PWR who can the crowd to come alive, it is Tommy Thunder! The man just reeks of charisma. The crowd loves this man.

Pope: Tommy is a hasbeen. His glory days are behind him and sooner or later, someone in PWR is going to put him down. It might just be The Hardcore King.


Curtis: And introducing his partner! From Kingston, Jamaica, weighing in at 265lbs, he is The Unorthodox Usain Kingston!

The crowd explodes for Kingston, something takes Tommy back for a moment. But than the crowd dies when Usain doesn't come out. Tommy seems confused. He looks around and ask The ref whats up. The ref shrugs and asks for Olivia to announce Kingston again.

Olivia Curtis: Introducing his tag team partner, Usain Kingston!!

Again Usain doesn't come out and Tommy is confused. The camera then cuts back to the backstage area and we see Kingston laid out. The masked man from before is standing over him and Dave Ryan walks up to him. Ryan looks at Kingston and then at the man.

Dave Ryan: Oh.. Damn, looks like Usain won't be competeing tonight. Such a shame this guy had to attack him. Oh by the way, Usain if you can here me, this guy wants a match with you. So let me introduce you to your opponent for Day of Reckoning.

The man removes his mask and everyone is stunned.

Dave Ryan: Oscar Layman!

Foster: What? Oscar Layman is the man that has been attacking Usain Kingston?

Pope: And now we get to see him in action at Day of Reckoning! This is awesome!!

Dave Ryan: Ohh.. And Tommy. Since you were so ready for a match tonight, well this match is still going to happen. Only now, it's a Handicap Match! Good luck.

The camera cuts back and we see Tommy looking extremely pissed off.


Olivia Curtis: And introducing his opponents, at a combined weight of 473lbs, the team of Jason Cade and Cable, they are The Knights!

Cade and Cable make their way out to the ring, both with smirks on their face as they look at Tommy. They circle the ring and enter as Tommy tries to cautious.

Foster: Well, it looks like Dave Ryan found a way to get back at Tommy for not accepting his offer.

Pope: What? Oh come on Nikki, that is crazy.

The Knights (Lucky Cannon and Brett DiBiase) VS Tommy Thunder (Bo Dallas) Ignore the manager
Stop at 6:50

Cade has Thunder on his shoulder and goes for a Firemans Carry Driver, but Tommy manages to land on his feet. Tommy leaps back and drives his foor into the back of Cade. Tommy charges the corner and drills Cable, knocking him off the apron.

Tommy goes over to Cade and lifts him up. He grabs Cade and connects with a big take down and transitions into a armbar submission. Cade is trying desperately to fight oit, but can't manage to. Tommy pulls back harder and yells for Cade to submit, but is then drilled by Cable with a huge boot to his head.

Cable grabs Cade and drags him over to his corner and tags himself in. Cable runs over and hits a big splash on Tommy and then drives his knees into the side of Tommy. Each strike cause Tommy to let out a loud groan. He gets to his feet and deadlifts Tommy for a huge German Suplex and a pin



Kickout from Tommy! Cable doesn't waste any time and gets Tommy back to his feet. He shoves Tommy into the corner and unload with a furry of rights and lefts and follows it up with a corner clothesline. Tommy falls back and that gives Cable his chance to nail a huge boot to Tommy's face, rubbing it against the corner turnbuckle.

Foster: Big moves from Cable who is complete control in this match. The Knights have really taken it to Tommy.

Pope: Well of course, they were trained by The Hardcore King! Them being so dominant should really be no surprise to you.

Cable gets Tommy to his feet and connect with a wildly impressive Belly to Belly Suplex. Tommy hits the mat hard and Cable follows it up with a simple elbow drop. He gets back to his feet and stomps at Tommy a few times before dragging him over to his corner and tagging in Cade. Cade comes in and gets to the second rope as Cable lifts Tommy up from behind. He holds him there in the air as Cade leaps off connecting with a dropkick and Cable follows it up with a German Suplex. Cade and Cable talk among themselves before Cable exist the ring. Cade grabs Tommy and lifts him, he leaps up for a hurricanrana, but Tommy manages to catch him and prevent the move, and instead lifts Cade up and delievers a huge sitout powerbomb. He covers Cade



NO! The pin is broken up by Cable. Tommy rolls through and then charges Cable, connecting with a single leg dropkick. Cable rolls out of the ring and Tommy starts to feel it, he is getting the crowd all pumped up as he looks over to Cade, laying on the crowd. He signals for the end as Cade gets to his feet. He runs at Cade and connects with Shining Wizard!! He goes for the pin




Olivia Curtis: Here is your winner, Tommy Thunder!!

Cable rushes the ring, but Tommy sees it coming and nails him with Shining Wizard too! He raises his hand but is drilled from behind!

Foster: The Hardcore King!! Where in the hell did he come from!?

Pope: That's what I want to know! He is a genius, he must have been hiding, ready to make his move!!

The Hardcore King reveals that he used brass knuckles to drill Tommy. He stomps repeatedly at Tommy's midsection. He orders for his Knights to send in some weapons. They throw in some chairs and kendo sticks and a table and a ladder. The Hardcore King and Tommy are surrounded by weapons. The Hardcore King grabs a chair and drills Tommy with it, hitting him over and over and over before throwing it to the ground and pointing at the tron

Foster: Oh my!! Tommy Thunder will face The Hardcore King inside Hell in a Cell at Day of Reckoning!!!

Pope: The end is near for Thunder!!

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DISorder Episode 16
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